Symbiotic Photography and Model Aviation

All videos from 'Rainy Afternoon Productions' post production edited at our Photoavia studio in Crowthorne UK.

Sunday 24th October 2010- Timber maiden flight take-off video clip
Wednesday 8th September 2010- A short flight on my PT Autogyro
Monday 28th December 2009- In flight speed controller failure
Sunday 28th September 2008- A nice flight in the late summer sunshine. Music by Newton Faulkner.
AP over London 23rd May 2008-A great night on the town!
Beale Park 27th April 2008- Reading MAC Puppeteers
Beale Park 27th April 2008-C Watter splash-and-go
QTB approach, December 2007- Clip from a flight on a winters day
Twinstar Sortie, November 2006- Aerial Video training flight with music from the Wire Daisies.
Little Dude, April 2007- View from jump plane with music from Night on the Bare Mountain.
SEBRFC's very own 007- Little Dude's third jump, video by Catherine Thorne.